Congress Topics

The 8th Global Conference on the Conservation of Farm Animal Genetic Resources will provide aforum for the interaction and exchange of information and ideas on all aspects regarding Sustainable conservation of the livestock breeds diversity for the future: Impact of globalization of Animal breeding and the loss of farm Animal genetic diversity - a conflict?” as a tool for sustainable development.

The following topics will be covered in AnGR conservation:

In situ and ex situ conservation

Research and application: sustainable farming for future

Indigenous knowledge systems intellectual property right, Access and benefit sharing of farm Animal genetic resources       

Farming for the future

Marketing rare breeds and products

Agricultural innovation involving indigenous Animals and traditional farming practices

Impact of global changes on local breeds.

Breeders, keeper rights

Production characteristics of local breeds


The official language of the Conference will be English. and Turkish. The simultaneous translation in headphones will be provided



Deadline for title submission     30 March 2011

Deadline   for  abstract  submission   and early registration      30 April 2011

 Deadline for full text submission        30 June, 2011

Late registration              after 30 April 2011, but not later than 30 July, 2011